Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kidecals Labels for Every Member of the Family! Plus, Promo Codes and a Giveaway for a $30 Voucher Code!

Raise your hand if your child has already misplaced a lunch bag, jacket or other personal item at school. I’m betting there were some hands out there! Each year, our twins manage to lose numerous lunch bags, books and other things. It’s a common source of frustration for parents. One way to help increase the odds that someone will find and return your child’s lost items is by using personalizable labels from Kidecals! They have more than 120 styles of labels! Check out some of these products, for example, which are great for kids’ belongings:

I love how many of Kidecals labels are waterproof so they won’t come off in the dishwasher or the rain. And Kidecals also carries nonpersonalized labels, such as:

Kidecals was kind enough to allow me to select some labels for review, and I selected the following items.

Every year, we make lots of Christmas cookies and deliver them to neighbors and friends, so these labels will look wonderful on the packages! I personalized them with our family’s last name.

My husband brews beer, so I got these labels for him to put on the bottles!

And then, just for fun, I changed the writing on the decal below to say “Susan Heim on Parenting” so I can use the labels on blog-related items and mailings.

I love all of the labels I ordered! They are of very high quality and all waterproof, so they’ll last a good long time. The colors are bright, the designs are fun, and they really catch the eye!

I’ve just touched on a few of the hundreds of items available from Kidecals! Watch this video for an overview of more of their wonderful products.


Readers of Susan Heim on Parenting will receive a discount when they order from Kidecals.com! Just use the codes below when you check out.

doubles2014 = 15% off $25 or more
threes2014 = 20% off $50 or more
fours2014 = 25% off $75 or more
fives2014 = 30% off $100 or more
sixes2014 = 35% off $125 or more
sevens2014 = 40% off $150 or more

Visit Kidecals at the following sites today:


One lucky winner will receive a $30 voucher code to use at Kidecals.com! Enter through the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Monday, September 15, 2014

HERO on DVD: Teaching Dads to Be Heroes to Their Sons (GIVEAWAY)

We try to have a Family Movie Night each weekend, and this past Saturday we had the pleasure of watching the new DVD called HERO. It’s the story of Joe Finn, who neglected his wife and son for years while he hit the road as a baseball scout, but returns home for good when his wife dies of cancer. His son is now a young man and deeply resents his father’s attempts to insinuate himself back into his life. Realizing the huge mistake he made by not being home when his son was young, Joe decides to coach a boys’ baseball team, but there’s an interesting requirement for participation -- the boys’ fathers must commit to being involved with the team. That’s not so easy when one is in jail, another has big career aspirations, and so on. But Joe keeps working on their consciences to get them more involved. In the meantime, his biggest challenge (besides turning a ragtag bunch of boys into decent baseball players) is repairing the relationship with his son. Is it too late for Joe to be the father he should have been? And can he convince the other fathers in the community of their importance to their sons?

Watch the trailer here:

HERO is a highly entertaining movie with a powerful message. Children grow up way too quickly, and early parental involvement is crucial. Being a dad is one of the most important things that men will ever do! I hope you’ll pick up a copy of HERO for your family and watch it together. It’s certain to spark some interesting discussions!

Purchase HERO at Walmart!

Connect with HERO online at:


One lucky winner will receive a DVD copy of HERO! This giveaway is open to residents of the continental United States only and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, September 29, 2014. Enter through the Rafflecopter form below.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Winners for the Week of September 7, 2014

EndoMune Advanced Probiotic (60-Day Supply)

Congratulations to the winner: Allie G.!

SOL REPUBLIC Collegiate Tracks Headphones

Congratulations to the winner: Rita M.!

R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? DVD & Soundtrack

Congratulations to the winner: Debbi O.W., Darlene J.N., Amy S.D., Susan S., and Meghan B.!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Super Saturday Giveaway Linky (September 13, 2014)

Welcome to another Super Saturday Giveaway Linky! By now, I'm sure that all of you with children are back to school and hopefully starting to enjoy some nice fall weather! I noticed a slight drop in the humidity in South Florida this morning (after being treated to a gorgeous rainbow in the sky), so I'm optimistic that it's going to be a beautiful fall here! Let's celebrate fall by entering some great giveaways! Check out those listed in my right sidebar, as well as those in the linky below. If you're hosting a giveaway on your blog, add it to the linky and then share this page on Twitter, Facebook and your other social media sites. Hurray for fall!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crest Pro-Health Products for Optimal Tartar Control Help You "Escape the Scrape" at the Dentist! #CrestProHealth

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m very proactive about caring for my teeth because I procrastinate big-time about going to the dentist. The more I can do myself to eliminate tartar and prevent cavities, the better. So, my daily oral-care routine includes brushing with Pro-Health Crest Whitening Toothpaste and swishing with Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse. I have become a huge fan of both of these products. My teeth have never looked better!

Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste simply does it all! It battles cavities, gingivitis, plaque and tartar, all while freshening your breath and whitening your teeth. And it’s even good for people with sensitive teeth. Not only do I love these benefits, but I love the taste! It’s called “Fresh Clean Mint,” and it’s more of a wintergreen than a peppermint flavor. Yum! I use it at least twice daily along with an Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrush, and my teeth feel and look so clean. Then I add even more tartar protection by using Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse with fluoride. This, too, has a very pleasant taste (not too “hot” like some mouth rinses), and my mouth feels so refreshed when I am done.

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, it’s important to be particular about what you purchase and use. High-quality products like those in the Crest Pro-Health line are a must-have for increasing the odds that your teeth will last a lifetime and dentist visits will be less painful. I encourage you to give these products a try. For more information about all the products in the Crest family, click here. And be sure to Like Crest on Facebook, too!

Disclosure: I received these products fro free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 at www.smiley360.com!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beautiful Hand-Painted Polish Stoneware and Pottery from Polmedia ~ Great Gift Idea!

I love color, and that love is reflected in the dishes I buy. I’m attracted to unique and beautiful designs that make me happy when I use the items. So, I was really excited to have the opportunity to check out the gorgeous Polish pottery distributed by Polmedia. In fact, I had a very difficult time selecting an item to review because I loved just about everything I saw! I finally settled on this stoneware bubble mug:

I love the delicate floral design and the unique round shape. And it’s a generous 12-oz size for a soothing cup of coffee. It just makes me smile in the morning! It’s very well-made and has withstood many washings in my dishwasher.

Polmedia has a huge selection of hand-painted pottery and stoneware at www.artisanimports.com. Check out just a few of the items below:

The webpage for each piece comes with all of the information you need to know: where it’s made, its size, how many are available, and much more. And, of course, all items are lead-free and dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Imported from Poland, products are shipped from their Texas warehouse for quick delivery! And you get free shipping when you spend $99+ and ship to the continental U.S. My mug was very well-packed and arrived in perfect condition!

Visit www.artisanimports.com and shop by category, price, new arrivals, sale items, brand and more. It’s so much fun just to explore all of the unique items on the site! The holidays are coming up … Polmedia Polish pottery would make an unforgettable gift for someone special. I hope you’ll visit them today.

Presenting Dawn Publications’ New Children’s Books for Fall 2014!

I love the books from Dawn Publications because they’re always beautifully written and illustrated, and they feature themes from nature. This fall, they’re introducing two lovely new books to their line: The Prairie That Nature Built and The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream. Read more to find out about these books!

The Prairie That Nature Built
By Marybeth Lorbiecki
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

Prairies are absolutely filled with life, from the worms and prairie dogs underground to the insects and birds of the air. Plants that grow toward the sun also plunge long roots deep into the dirt. Antelopes, bunnies and bison travel the land, grazing on the grasses and flowers. Foxes and coyotes emerge at night to hunt. Lightning sets the prairie grasses afire but does not harm the living roots below. All of this life is described in rhythmic repetition, with gorgeous imagery in The Prairie That Nature Built. At the end of the story is A Prairie Primer that provides fascinating and in-depth information about the animals and plants of the prairie. (Did you know that prairies are called different names in different countries, such as savannas and rangelands?) Prairie-themed games, websites and books are also listed. This is a great resource for teachers and homeschoolers! You can even download a “pop-up app” to accompany the book.

The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream
By Joseph Anthony
Illustrated by Cris Arbo

What happens when you blow on a dandelion and send the seeds into the sky? The little dandelion seed in this story gets trapped in a spider’s web, swatted by a broom, lost in a city, and stuck in a fast-food container! But through it all, it never loses its dream of becoming a flower like its parents. One day, someone picks up the container and the seed falls to the dirt. A walker’s foot pushes it into the soil, and it begins to grow! A bright yellow flower pops out -- its dream has come true! And the circle of life continues as many more dandelion seeds are released into the air. An “Explore More” section at the end of the book provides little-known information about dandelions (which grow on every continent except Antarctica) and asks the question: Are dandelions flowers or weeds? Ask kids what they think!

Visit www.dawnpub.com to learn more about these and other wonderful nature-themed children's books from Dawn Publications!

Monday, September 08, 2014

LEVEL Life Protein Bars, Shakes and Glucose Gels: Promotional Code and Giveaway!

My twins both participate in sports year-round. One is a swimmer and the other plays baseball. (We have “Fall Ball” here in south Florida in addition to the spring season.) Therefore, we’re always looking for healthy foods and drinks that will give them the energy and nutrients they need when their bodies are working hard. I recently found out about the bars, shakes and glucose gels from Level Foods! LEVEL Life products were actually designed for those with diabetes, but we found that they work well for us too, even though none of us are diabetic. We were at a swim meet this weekend, and these products really came in handy:

Protein Bars: These bars, which are packed with protein and fiber and low in carbs and sugar, come in four delicious flavors: Chocolatey Peanut Crunch, Caramel Chocolatey Peanut, Double Chocolatey Chip, and Chocolatey Crisp. My kids and I love all the flavors!

Protein Shakes: They also come in four yummy flavors: Classic Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Crème, and Rich Caramel. They are really creamy and flavorful. In fact, they’re so good that none of us could decide on a favorite!

Glucose Gels: For diabetics, this product helps to raise low blood sugar faster, but my son just used it to give him a little extra energy before a race (much healthier than soda!). His favorite flavors are Green Apple and Mandarin Orange, but they also come in Vanilla and Strawberry Banana. Just squeeze the pouch and swallow!

If you or someone in your family is diabetic, participates in sports, or just wants some nutritional snacks, visit www.levelfoods.com to learn more about their delicious and healthy protein bars, shakes and glucose gels. They’re a great way to fight hunger, get your protein, and avoid unhealthy snacking!


Use promo code TRYLEVEL25 to save 25% off LEVEL Life snacks when you spend $20+ at www.levelfoods.com.

Visit Level Foods at:


One lucky winner will receive a premier bundle pack of LEVEL Life bars and shakes valued at $60! Enter through the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, September 22, 2014.

Republic Wireless Offers the Moto X Smartphone and Incredible Service Plans ~ Plus This Giveaway for a Google Chromecast (3 winners)!

Republic Wireless is pleased to announce that members can get the Moto X smartphone! I was fortunate to be able to get my hands on one, and it’s a terrific phone! It has all of the features you would expect from a smartphone, like a 10 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, access to thousands of apps through Google Play, an Android operating system, touch display, a long-lasting battery, a 16GB internal memory, Google Chrome browser and much more. Best of all, the Moto X comes with some incredible pricing plans when purchased (at $299) through Republic Wireless:

WiFi Only: $5/month (plus taxes and surcharges)
Unlimited talk, text and data, but only on WiFi.

WiFi + Cell Talk & Text: $10/month (plus taxes and surcharges)
Unlimited talk and text on WiFi and cellular, and unlimited data on WiFi only.

WiFi + Cell + 3G: $25/month (plus taxes and surcharges)
Unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi, plus 3G cellular.

WiFi + Cell + 4G: $40/month (plus taxes and surcharges)
Unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi, plus 4G cellular.

As you can see, Republic Wireless’s prices are amazing! And it’s easy to switch plans (up to twice per billing cycle) directly from your phone ~ no contracts! For families like mine, this makes it very cost-effective to pick up a Moto X with Republic Wireless service as an extra phone for the kids or teens in the family. My boys take the phone with them when they go to their friends’ houses so we can stay in touch. We’ve had no problem whatsoever setting up voicemail, installing apps (high on my kids’ priority list) and customizing the phone. We’re extremely happy with the Moto X and the phone service from Republic Wireless. I hope you’ll visit them at republicwireless.com.


Republic Wireless is generously offering a Google Chromecast ($35 RV) to three lucky winners! What’s a Google Chromecast? According to Google:

Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac or Windows laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favorite entertainment and apps right to the big screen. Chromecast works with a growing number of apps including Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, WatchESPN & Pandora. Learn more at chromecast.com.

Sound cool? Enter to win in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, September 22, 2014.